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Exploring Aviation and Aerospace

AeroCamp is designed to give young people, ages 14 through 18, a unique opportunity to explore the vast and exciting world of aviation and aerospace at their local airport. As a member of the Flight School of North America, Illinois Aviation Academy, Inc. is proud to participate in the AeroCamp program and make AeroCamp available to the kids in our community.

Camp Participants learn firsthand about the dynamics of airplanes, flight, and about the broad spectrum of the many career opportunities in aviation and the aerospace industry. We give every participant the opportunity to fly an aircraft if they choose to. Flight time is only a fraction of the AeroCamp experience and is not required to have a great learning adventure. AeroCamp also includes site visits to various aviation related organizations, Hands on lab activities, daily ground school lessons and so much more. Sign up today to receive a information packet about AeroCamp or to enroll a AeroCamp participant.

Don’t want to register online? Pick up the phone and call us at (630) 513-2224

AeroCamp Basic

2022, July 18 – 22


With increase in demand, IAA will be running two Basic Camps this year. Young people with little or no previous aviation knowledge or experience should attand AC Basic. Each camp is limited to 10 Campers. 

AC Basic campers have the following learning experiences:

  • What makes an airplane fly
  • Who flies airplanes
  • Learn about airplane flight controls and instruments
  • Learn how to conduct a pre-flight inspection
  • Basic information on radio communications
  • Learn about airport traffic patterns
  • Field trips to various destinations at the airport
  • Learn the basics of aeronautical charts
  • Orientation flight time of up to 1 hour.* Flight time is logable.

AeroCamp Advanced

2022, July 25 – 29


Teens with some previous aviation knowledge or experience should attend AC Advanced. AC Basic is not a requirement. Advanced Camp is limited to 10 Campers.

AC Advanced campers have these learning experiences:

  • Basics recap – What makes an airplane fly; Who flies airplanes; Airplane flight controls and instruments
  • Perform an actual pre-flight inspection
  • Advanced information on radio communications
  • Insights about airport traffic patterns
  • Plan a cross-country flight and make the flight
  • Study FAA written test questions
  • Field trips to various destinations at the airport
  • Aeronautical charts advanced study
  • Orientation flight time of 2-3 hours.* Flight time is logable.
  • Advanced camp includes a day trip to EAAs OSHKOSH – the largest airshow of the year! 

*Any camper may elect to not fly.

Have any questions?Call 630-513-2224 to get more information.