Private Pilot

This course is the primary base for aviation careers. This entitles you to apply for your pilot certificate from the FAA. It allows you to act as the pilot of an aircraft and carry passengers in a private capacity (not for pay). This certificate is limited to flight below cloud ceilings and visual conditions (typically 18,000 ft in the US).


FAA Requirements:

  • No Minimum Age Required to Initiate Training
  • At Least 16 Years Old to Solo
  • At Least 17 years Old to Graduate
  • Education Requirements: Must be able to read, write and speak English fluently

Flying time requirement:

  • Minimum of 35 hours of flight time



30 Flight Hours with Instructor; Plane ($140) + Instructor ($60) = $200/Hr


5 Flight Hours of Solo @ ($140/Hr)


Related Cessna Kit & Materials


Ground Training 30 Hours 


FAA Written $165
FAA Medical $125
Final Exam Fees. $700

Estimated Total


Instruction and flight times are estimates only. All times are the minimum required. Additional training may be necessary to fulfill the standards.

Financing options are available upon request through multiple loan vendors. Please call or see our financial section for more information.