Commercial Certificate

This course focuses on applying aeronautical knowledge and skills including a thorough knowledge of aircraft systems. This certificate enables the pilot to be hired for certain types of operation like banner towing, agricultural operations, and photography.


FAA Requirements

  • Prerequisite: Private Pilot Certificate and Instrument Rating
  • Must hold at least a current second class medical
  • Education requirements: Able to read, write, and speak English fluently
  • Age: 17+ years old


120  Flight Hours Required


45 Hours Flight Hours Dual in Cessna 172M;  

Plane ($136) + Instructor ($55) = $191/Hr


10 Hours of Flight Hours in Complex Aircraft; Plane ($195) + Insturctor ($55) = $250/Hr


65 Flight Hours (SOLO) @ $136


20 hours of Ground School 


Written Exam


Final Exam Fees


Related Cessna Kit and Materials


Estimated Total


Instruction and flight times are estimates only. Additional training may be necessary to meet the FAA practical test standards.

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