Job Opportunities

Aircraft Mechanic

Inspects, repairs, maintains and services Flight School aircraft in accordance with Federal Aviation Regulations.

Essential Functions

  • Troubleshoot, repair, inspect, modify and service aircraft systems and equipment, airframes and power plants in accordance with Specifications set forth by the manufacturer and the Service Manuals, Service Bulletins, FAA Regulations
  • Perform scheduled inspections including 100 hour and annual inspections (if authorized)
  • Perform maintenance and repair associated with inspections
  • Perform major and minor repairs and alterations as part of line maintenance, heavy maintenance and structural repair
  • Maintain and repair equipment used in the department
  • Perform other incidental duties as may be assigned

Flight Instructor

Flight Instructors are certified flight instructors and as such, will maintain high standards of training, air discipline and personal conduct as they train student pilots in various courses offered at the IAA Flight Campus. Flight Instructors develop pilots by emphasizing safety and risk mitigation during flight operations as their students matriculate through the Professional Pilot Course.