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Flight TrainingFLIGHT INSTRUCTOR: Clock hours CFI: 30, CFII: 25, MEI: 20

This license entitles pilots to teach other individuals to fly an aircraft and become private or commercial pilots. CFI’s serve to enhance and evaluate the skill level and proficiency of aviators in pursuit of a higher pilot license, certificate or rating. (also known as a performance flight review). Flight Instructor ratings come in three categories:

  • CFI: entitles an instructor to give training, endorsements and perform flight reviews.
  • CFII: entitles an Instructor to give training and endorsements for an Instrument rating.
  • MEI: authorizes a CFI to provide training, instruction and endorsement for a Multi-engine rating.

Admission Requirements

  • Hold a valid commercial Pilot’s license
  • Must be at least 18 years old.
  • Must be able to read, speak, and understand English
  • Must hold at least a current second-class medical certificate.
  • Attend an IAA Entrance interview
  • High school Diploma or GED.



5 hours flight training in complex aircraft @ $235


10 hours flight training in aircraft @ $185


30 hours ground instruction @ $65


Written exams (2)


Related books and materials


Final exam fees


Estimated Total



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Piper Aztec N4515P is available for instruction for $235/hour!


Call 630-513-2224 to schedule a flight today!



Harper Private Pilot Groundschool

Private Pilot Ground School


7-9:30 PM

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