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Illinois Aviation Academy is proud of our ongoing development and association with local community colleges. These colleges afford students the opportunity to participate in various degree programs, while attaining their aviation licenses.

IAA teaches aviation ground school classes through each college's Office of Continuing Education. These courses focus on the Fundamentals of Aviation and will qualify and prepare you to take the required FAA Written Exam prior to flight training.

A varied format including lecture, computer-animated presentations, group participation and fieldtrips to the DuPage Airport keep the course lively and engaging. Complete course materials, including manuals and maps, will be available from your instructors on the first day of class.

Alternatively, we also hold groundschools at our hangar on a rolling basis. So if you're primary interest is your aviation classes, then give us a call (630-513-2224) and get started on your aviation education!

Just click on the college of your choice and follow the link to find class offerings!


Triton offers Private pilot candidates the opportunity to prepare for their FAA written exam in a collegiate environment. The convinience of evening classes, online scheduling and seat availability makes this class a must for the Fall. Check-out their website for further details or give us a call at 630-513-2224 and we will be more than happy to assist you get started. (Classes only available during the fall semester).


Primarily, we provide all our ground-schools at our hangar on a rolling basis. Our classes are conducted based on availability of seats , in reasonable class sizes (3-7 students) and according to our students availability.

All you need to do is call and inquire about our in-house ground-schools, and get your name on the list for a call back to schedule dates and times.

Typically these classes run for 14 weeks and are taught in the evenings from 7:00pm-9:00pm during week-days or 9:00am-11:00am on Saturdays. So give us a call (630-513-2224), and get started today! Price: $230 Books: $198

Elgin CommunityElgin Community College



Elgin Community College, 1700 Spartan Drive, Elgin, IL 60123

Located in Elgin, this is probably one of the closest locations to our hangar in West Chicago, providing an alternate classroom setting for students from Elgin and neighboring communities.  For more information and to register, click on the link above. You can also contact the ECC registration department at 847-622-3036.


McHenry County College

McHenry County College, 8900 US Hwy 14, Crystal Lake, Illinois 60012-2738

Located in Crystal Lake, Illinois McHenry County College is provides students with access to aviation courses in their continuing education department. The college usually holds fall semester programs for the Private pilot ground school class, conducted by an IAA instructor. Please find details and information for the fall class on the homepage or by clicking here. Call MCC direct (815) 455-8588 to register for classes.

Utah Valley

Utah Valley

FUN FACT: 'Did You know... that dedicated students can complete both their four year degree and meet their flying goals in as little as two years through IAA's education connection with Utah Valley University?'

Yes, you can transfer credits to UVU from your college and combine their ground instruction with your IAA flight instruction, leading up to an Aviation Science degree in as little as 2 years and an Associate's in 1 year! With several degree options to choose from, access to financial aid and the flexibility of online classes and our scheduling system, this may just be the option for you!

It works really easily, students apply through both Illinois Aviation Academy and Utah Valley University for the aviation program. Once admitted, students then conduct all ground (theory) classes through UVU's Global education online department and take their flying labs with us. They get the same flexibility in scheduling their flights and as such controlling the time-line for their licenses as do all our other students.

The biggest benefit is the access to financial aid and earning not only your licenses but a degree as well, which is a must have in the aviation industry today. So check out UVU by clicking on the link above, then call us at 630-513-2224 (ask for Katie) to learn more about this program and get started on your education today!

HarperHarper College


Have you always dreamed of flying? Thousands of people, just like you, are learning to fly. Whether you’re interested in learning to fly for the sheer fun of it or for a career in the skies you can start your training at Harper College.

The aviation ground school – a required introductory course for private or commercial pilots – is offered every semester at Harper in cooperation with the Illinois Aviation Academy. Why should you learn to fly with Harper College and IAA?

• You can begin your study with the convenient location of Harper College Campus.
• FAA computerized testing available on-site at IAA.
• Complete flight intergration programs available at the IAA.
• Transferable credit through Harper and IAA to Aviation universities nationwide.

Check out Harper's Aviation flyer or click on the school logo to visit their aviation classes page for more information.





Headset Rental

Rent our headsets for $25.  We suggest that student pilots and renters purchase their own headsets.  Our rental headsets will be available for additional passengers for the rate of $25 per flight.


Harper Ground School

Private Pilot Ground School

6/1/15-7/15/15        7-9:30 PM




14 week Private Pilot Ground school

The cost for this course is $230 plus the cost of books and materials.  

Call 630-513-2224 or email to register or for more details.

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