Instrument Rating

The 141 Instrument course is the second step in the IAA Career Pilot Program. The Instrument Rating will allow students to fly below VFR weather minimums, fly without visual reference, and shoot instrument approaches.

FAA Requirements:

  • Age: 17+ years old
  • Education requirements: Able to read, write, and speak English fluently
  • A person must hold at least a Private Pilot Certificate and Current Medical

35 Flight Hours Required:



35 Flight Hours with Instructor; Plane ($125) + Instructor ($55) = $180/Hr


10 Hours Flight Instruction in Simulator; Simulator ($65) + ($55) = $120/Hr


30 hours of ground school (optional)


Written Exam


Final Exam Fees


Related Cessna Kit and Materials


Estimated Total

$ 9,095

Instruction and flight times are estimates only. All times are the minimum required. Additional training may be necessary to fulfill the standards.

No prepayments required. No club dues. No big contracts. Fly and pay at your pace.